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Shizukuishi white charcoal






Shizukuishi white charcoal faces Mt. Iwate and is surrounded by the mountains of the Ou Mountains. Charcoal is made in a place rich in nature From the forest "Shintanrin", which has been repeatedly logged as a material for firewood Enjoy the warmth of the charcoal made Charcoal is a renewable energy Activities where people and nature coexist

Characteristics of traditional Shizukuishi white charcoal




・We use hardwoods such as oak for charcoal.

・ Because it is baked in a stone oven, it has a strong   firepower and is hard.It is unlikely that the fire will bounce in the state of charcoal fire.

・ Shizukuishi white charcoal is used for cooking grilled meat, etc.It is used for etc.

Iwate Prefecture is the number one charcoal producing area in Japan



・ Most of Iwate's charcoal is black charcoal that is baked in a clay pot. It is famous as "Iwate-kiri charcoal" because it has a soft charcoal quality and is not very sharp. ・ The properties of white charcoal and black charcoal differ depending on the difference in fire extinguishing. The temperature of white charcoal is raised to 1000 degrees or more, and the fire is extinguished at once with extinguishing charcoal. For black charcoal, close the kettle at 400-700 degrees and let it cool. Both are made by traditional craftsmanship.


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