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Prices and reservations


・素泊まり利用料金→1グループ限定/3名まで 19,800円(税込)〜


※家主居住型(管理人の部屋は1階)、1日1組限定となります。 リビングやキッチンもお客様がご自由にお使いください。 基本的に管理人室にいますので何かあればお気軽にお声がけください。

※7名までご利用頂けます。 追加料金は、1名様4,400円。





※貸し出しをしていない間、猫​がおります。 お客様が滞在時は、管理人室におります。





*Landlord-occupied type (the manager's room is on the first floor), limited to one group per day. Guests are also free to use the living room and kitchen. I'm basically in the administrator's room, so if you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

*Can be used by up to 7 people. The additional fee is 4,400 yen per person.

 *Prices vary during busy seasons and weekends. ​ 

* Children under elementary school age will not be included in the number of people if they do not use bets.

*There are 3 bedrooms (Room 1: 2 beds, Room 2: 3 beds, Room 3: 2 bunk beds).

*If you have a desired room, please write it down when making a reservation.

*A cat will be present while the property is not being rented out. During your stay, you will be in a separate room.

*We also accept dogs.

*Please check in between 3:00 PM and 9:00 PM, and check out by 10:00 AM.

*Please refrain from eating yakiniku in the dining room using hot plates, etc. ​​

・Only rooms for private use per building → / up to 3 people 19,800 yen ~









・薪 1束→500円



​ ○価格は全て税込価格です。

・Barbecue set rental → 1,650 yen

 * Grilling table, 2 kg of white charcoal, fire starter set, and tongs are available for rent.

 (There is a wooden table and chairs, but if you plan to spend a long time outdoors, you can bring  camping chairs if you like. Please use it. If you are unable to use it due to rain, etc., you will be  required to take home 3 kg of white charcoal.)

 *Limited from May to October.

・Bonfire set rental (includes firewood and fire starter set) → 1,100 yen

 *If you would like to have a bonfire, please let us know in advance. You can light a bonfire at the  bonfire corner.

 *Limited to June to December.

・1 bundle of firewood → 500 yen

​・Dog companion fee → 1,100 yen per dog, 550 yen per dog after the second dog


​ ○All prices include tax.




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